A Matter of Taste?

A Matter of Taste?

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Yes, it does!

Of course, you can think like Arnold, as he put it in Pumping Iron: “If I thought eating my own s**t would give me bigger muscles, I would do it”.

And we actually did, for a long time, as we couldn’t cook. But this never turns out good: disgust will come sooner or later, overwriting all mass gaining or (what’s more) diet plans.

Think about it: after workout, your muscles are screaming for nutrients. And you want to drink a shake which doesn’t taste good. Of course, you are tough and choke it down. But will you, after two, five or ten years?

Let me tell you: No. For this reason, it does matter a lot that your protein should taste good, because nothing good will come if your post-workout shake turns you off.

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And this is a much more complex problem than it looks at first: taste, namely, has a strong influence on the functioning of the digestive tract. The food you eat with disgust will be used much less efficiently. Tom Platz said recently (see the latest BB.Tv) that he has a spiritual relationship with food.

He eats it for a purpose: so that his body can use it properly and build muscles from it. It might sound weird, but that’s how it works. You can take it for granted.

On the other hand, disgust will trigger self-defense mechanisms. Your digestion will slow down to absorb “bad” food as slow as possible, and in the smallest possible portions.

And, if you think it couldn’t get worse: the biggest problem will come with your next meal. (Needless to explain - hopefully - that a full meal is a must after the shake, within an hour from the end of your workout.) Because, a shake that you drink reluctantly, will have a negative impact on this meal. You simply won’t feel like eating; you can hardly swallow your food and, in the long run, the portions you can choke down will get smaller, too.

It might sound unbelievable at first, but believe me: everything is different in the long run. As a 17-year old beginner, everyone wants to save the world. After 10 years, however, most people even forget that they have ever been in a gym. Our goal is to prevent this: to make weight training a part of your lives forever; to make it natural for you to hit the gym six times a week, even when you are old grandpas. (For example, the retro-style Cutler Gym where you can work out with “obsolete” weights, unlike at today’s “VR” gyms.)

One more thing to consider: it is a common misconception that a protein which tastes good cannot be of good quality, because it must be loaded with sugar. Instead, think the other way around: if a manufacturer can not even make its protein tasty, how good can be the quality?

Remember: this is also a branch of the food industry!

All in all, you are not a sissy if you do not settle for drinking sand or pigwash after workout, but a protein of top quality and taste. Because, this is one key to long-term success.

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