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Spirulina algae is a biomass of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) that can be consumed by humans. We could call spirulina the multivitamin of the sea, this microscopic water plant is full of valuable nutrients, there are many studies that continuously analyze its possible benefits.

Why is spirulina superfood?

It contains many antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements. It supports the following processes in the body:

  • Cell regeneration: recovery from illnesses and injuries
  • Hematopoiesis: spirulina is recommended in case of anemia
  • Cell metabolism: removal of toxins, production of energy
  • Metabolism of connective tissues: hair growth, preservation of skin elasticity

Who should take spirulina algae regularly?

Those who...

  • Would like to feel more energetic
  • Are recovering after a long illness
  • Do sports regularly
  • Are battling with hay fever
  • Suffer from hair loss and skin problems
  • Have high cholesterol levels
  • Take antibiotics often
  • Would like to increase their overall fitness

Netamin Spirulina Algae was tested in a laboratory, the product is completely safe!

  • Free from lead
  • Free from quicksilver
  • Cadmium-free!Do sports regularly
  • Free infectious bacteria

The product contains a sufficient dose of 4 months!

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