Almost as Clear as Water - We've Tasted Iso Whey Zero Clear!

27-08-2020 | 
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An e-mail, in which someone wrote that we can taste every flavor of the brand new Iso Whey Zero Clear in the office has catched our attention the other day. We wouldn't be Builders, if we didn't live with the opportunity - and now we'll share our thoughts with you.


The packaging is nice, clean, which is exactly what is expected from Biotech these days. It's not a hardcore-like package, because that's not the goal - this is meant to be a soft drink type of protein shake, intended and recommended for everyone to consume.

Composition, expected effect

It wouldn't make sense to expect to feel an immediate effect even from the cleanest whey protein isolate. Cause, what's the purpose of these protein shakes? To supplement the daily recommended protein intake, and to offer "quick ambulance" for the muscles after a workout due to their quick absorption rate. But, Iso Whey Zero Clear serves even more purposes, but more about that later.

Looking at its ingredients list the product is a clean, free-of-everything whey protein isolate with 96-97% protein content depending on flavor.

Taste, solubility, texture, smell

Here comes the part that is strongly a matter of individual taste. Iso Whey Zero Clear comes in three different flavors: lime, tropical fruits, and peach-ice tea. We've tasted all three of them, with mixed feelings. The lime flavor was regarded very delicious by all of us, the tropical fruit was very delicious in my opinion (Colos), but for my colleague (Milan), not so much. I don't really like peach as a flavor, but for those who do, found it to be great.

But the point is, and why the product is labeled as "Clear": this is not your average protein shake, but rather a transparent soft drink-style something. A bit strange, you wouldn't think you consume 21 grams of protein while you drink it. Because this is not a shake, but it's still protein. It should be named somehow. "Proteined soft drink" maybe - because we get a sour soft drink after mixing it with water.

It's also as easy to drink as a soft drink: you just pour 3 dl of fluid down your throat, and you get the feeling like you just drank water. However, when I got hungry, once I tested whether this shake gave me the same feeling as consuming 100g of chicken breast, and it sure did, although this sensation disappeared quite quickly, cause isolates are known for their fast absorption.

I have to mention one drawback though, and that's solubility. Yes, you really have to shake this more than the good old conventional protein shakes if you want this powder to completely dissolve.

This more intense shaking process creates more foam on the top than usual, which is not desirable. However, this foam disappears pretty quickly after pouring the mixture into a glass - yes, you gotta drink this from a glass, not a shaker because it's a very good-looking drink - and you will be left with a nice and clean, protein soft drink.

Effect after first use

As I mentioned earlier, we did not expect any effects to take place whatsoever. We just drank a nice soft drink, which happens to contain zero sugars, is free of everything, and contains 21 grams of the very best quality animal-based protein.

By the way, this drink can be life-saving if you're on the beach during a holiday, because not everybody takes their food to the beach in a plastic box, so this protein drink can save you and your muscles in this case.

Iso Whey Zero Clear is a great source of nutrients after a workout, that's not even a question. I'd give it a chance pre-workout too, by the way. It's easy on your stomach, and it's exceptionally recommended to drink before a workout if you like to train with an empty stomach in the morning.

Effect after the first box consumed

It won't have an "effect" after you consume the full box of powder. Proteins are not designed to have an effect. If you consumed a whole bunch of them, your nutrition and your training methods are on point, then let's get back to this question :) This applies to every protein powder. The only "effect" you could possibly feel in the short run is better recovery after the workouts.

Summary, recommendation

9.5 out of 10, because of the poor solubility and the foaming problem. Besides those, the product is flawless. Its price could sound harsh at first glance, but it's not an overkill compared to conventional whey protein isolates. By all means, this is a premium product - if it is worth it for you, you won't complain about its price, but if it is not, you can always stay with traditional protein powders.

Iso Whey Zero Clear is a league on its own - you'll feel that as soon as you taste it. If you can afford it, give it a try!

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