Basic Routine for Men

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This routine will move all your body and is perfect for mastering the exercises and preparing your body for the load of weight training.

Basic principles

You may do this workout twice, but no more than three times a week. Each workout day should be followed by a rest day! For beginners, its purpose is to improve strength and endurance.

The smaller your muscle mass, the faster it will recover, so it can be loaded more frequently. Plus, the volume of this routine is not so high, so there will be no problem with working each body part several times a week.

It is recommended to do this program at least twice a week. Then, you may move up to three, as your strength and endurance levels are developing. The point is to work all your body with a few exercises, and never forget about the warmup, of course.

It begins with high-rep bench presses. Then, you will increase the weight and decrease rep counts. The next exercise are the flyes: two sets with high rep counts for warmup, and two more with more weight.

The back routine begins with wide-grip pull-downs to the chest. Then, you will move on to machine rows. See the warmup pattern at the chest routine.

Then come the biceps and the triceps; again, with warmup sets.

The next exercise is the deadlift: this basic exercise requires a lot of strength and it will develop your back, lower back and thighs at the same time.

The leg routine begins with high-rep leg extensions. Then, increase weight and decrease the number of reps, as usual. This will prepare your thigh musculature for the squats and warm up your knee joints so you can mitigate the risk of injuries. Then comes the squat. This exercise should be performed with extra care and focus. It is a basic exercise for the thighs. It will increase your general strength and endurance levels. Next exercise: lying leg curls on a machine. Again, warm up with high reps and increase the weight gradually while decreasing the number of reps.

And, last but not least, do four sets of abdominal crunches on a bench.

This is a beginner routine. It is primarily focused on strict form. Once you have mastered to perform each move with a strict form, then (and only then!) you may increase the weights.


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