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Bodybuilding. Let's meditate a bit on the meaning of this word, and on what should it mean. And do not only think of competing. On the contrary. This article is for those who are not preparing for a contest, but their goal is to keep or get back their health, or for those who do this sport as a completion.

Of course, competitors should also think about the following sentences.

Let's see the meaning of the word: bodybuilding. I will water it down for you to make it clear for everyone. It means to build the body. Not destroying it. Not to quickly and negligently create an outer frame that is big and remarkable at first sight.

It means building our own bodies from the basics with a conscious, pre-designed, professional work, taking sufficient time and energy.

How does every construction start? First, you have to lay down the fundaments, the basics. Stable basics. If this first step is missing, our construction will collapse quickly. Translating this to the language of the body: injury will occur. Everyone wants to avoid injuries, but not everyone does something to not let it happen in the long run. One of the causes is the accelerated world we live in today: everybody wants fast results. But it is much better to think in the long run, then we can have enviable bodies at even 50 years of age than to burn out young, or to fight with injuries, which can't, or can't easily be fixed.

Of course, for this, you have to make time for learning. It is worth learning the basics of anatomy, for example, you should know what is the function of certain muscles and in what directions and angles joints can move. This is my whimsy because unfortunately, I see a lot of times during my work that as if people want to destroy themselves intentionally with poorly executed exercises. Of course, they come up with excuses like "I can't squat because my knee or my hip is hurting". But in most cases, the solution would be doing exercises these people avoid. Of course, not with huge weights, but with increasing the load gradually, and using the proper form. Don't forget, the human body was made for motion. If you deprive it of this, it will slowly and surely be degraded.

I recommend this: hire a professional who will teach you how to do the exercises, which right now you have to avoid, and start fixing your bad habits in order to be able to build a healthier, that is operating more efficiently.

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