Beef protein

Beef protein

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What you can achieve by taking it

  • As a concentrated protein supplement it supports the growth and prevents the breakdown of muscles.
  • It is an excellent alternative for milk or lactose intolerant people and/or for those who cannot tolerate egg protein but wish to supplement their diet with animal protein sources.

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We can definitely say that beef protein is the most important milestone ever since the designer versions of whey protein appeared on the market of supplements. Sadly, more and more people suffer from intolerance for some type of protein or protein compound, and lactose intolerance has also become an everyday phenomenon. No doubt: sadly, the number of people with food allergies or intolerances is increasing each year. But science never sleeps: based on market demand, the need arose for a protein source which has a good amino acid profile for the human body, and even those can consume it without any problems who have intolerances for milk-based proteins (they can hardly or not digest them at all). These people often have problems with other protein sources as well, including egg protein or soy protein. Beef protein can be an excellent alternative in these cases.

First of all, let’s bust a myth: contrary to popular belief, beef protein products are not made of loin or other pure beef parts. Although the base material of beef protein is really a meat product made of beef, if it was made of loin, not only average people couldn’t afford it, but the end product would not necessarily be of better quality either. Beef protein is prepared by a hydrolysation process, and the end product is a concentrate or an isolate. Isolates might even reach 95% purity, with excellent digestibility and quick absorption, so they make an excellent post-workout shake. In this respect, concentrates are not much different either. However, they are less “pure”: a given amount of product contains less protein. Regarding its amino acid profile, beef protein can be compared to egg protein concentrate, but, with a lesser biological value (about 80, depending on product). On the other hand, it is easier to digest and is absorbed faster. In most cases, manufacturers outweigh the relatively low BCAA and arginine content of beef protein hydrolysate products by added amino acids. So, the end product often has better anabolic properties than egg protein. In their natural form, however, egg protein would beat them.

Why it is worth using

  • As a protein source with a good amino acid profile, it can be a great alternative to milk- or egg-based or vegetable protein sources, if you cannot consume those for some reason (e.g. intolerance).
  • An animal source protein with excellent absorption properties
  • A complete source of protein; typically not an allergen
  • Beef protein is easily and quickly digestible and it can be ideal any time of the day (as a morning meal, after workout, before bed, or to enhance the protein content of meals).

How to use it

You may consume beef protein as an alternative to other animal or vegetable protein sources, in the amount required for your individual needs.


In very rare cases some people do not tolerate beef protein. In this case you should definitely avoid it.

Side effects

There are no known side effects. Rarely it may cause stomach or intestinal problems, but it also depends on other additives in a given product (sweeteners, coloring etc.).

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