Bodybuilding Diet Tips

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It’s common knowledge that diet is extremely important for bodybuilders. In most cases, it’ll determine whether you achieve anything in this sport, or not. That’s true even for amateur bodybuilders, not only for professionals.

However, there are some tricks which can make exercising more efficient than usual. Also, there are supplements which can help you work out and get results if you take them at the right time. And what kind of tricks can you do when it comes to food? Usually, you simply eat the sufficient amount every day, and that’s it. Or is it?

Load on Nutrients

You should have the main meal of the day after your workout. And it should contain enough protein and carbs. It doesn’t matter if you work out in the evening or in the morning – your post-workout meal is the most important one of the day. None of the other meals are as important as that with regard to bulking. An ideal solution is to drink a shake which contains fast-digesting protein and carbs, then, shortly after (and not hours later!), have a proper meal of sufficient carbs (rice, potato), protein (meat, fish) and vegetables. Your post-workout shake and meal should contain 1 or 2 grams of carbs (depending on your body type) and 1 gram of protein per kg of bodyweight.

Working out in the evening, and saying that you shouldn’t eat much food that late is an extremely common excuse for skipping meals... But post-workout meals are different. Just think about it: You work out, your body is deprived of nutrients so you drink a shake but don’t have a proper meal because you’re afraid that you’ll get fat. And then the night comes when you still don’t eat anything for another 6 or 8 hours... This will surely lead to catabolism. You simply have to eat your food whatever time you finish your workout.

How About Some Cheating?

Just because you’re a bodybuilder, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat super clean all the time... You can do that when you’re on a diet. To be honest, eating clean all the time can set back your performance. From time to time, e.g. before an intense leg day or back workout, you may have a cheat meal. Cheat meals can boost your energy which will have an impact on your workout. Still, you better not make it a habit. The point is that if you plan on cheating, then cheat in the right way and at the right time (e.g. before a killer leg day) so that it’ll benefit your progress.

Intense Workouts? Tons of Food!

If you took care of providing your body with every nutrient that’s needed for recovering and growing, then it’s time to think over what you can do for your next workout – because cheating is not something you should always do. If you plan on training large muscle groups, it’s recommended to eat lots of calories. On leg days you should eat more food throughout the day besides paying special attention to your post-workout meal. Before working out, you should opt for slow-digesting carbs and complete sources of protein. And don’t forget about fats either! You can even consume saturated fats – they play an important role in testosterone production.

Pre-Workout Meals – The Second Most Important Thing

Let’s take a closer look on pre-workout meals. We all know that every meal of the day is important. Still, the last 60 to 90 minutes before training are crucially important concerning your workout. The nutrients you consume in that period can dramatically affect your performance. Rice, chicken, egg white, fish. These are excellent sources of nutrients if you eat them approx. 90 minutes before working out. You may also drink a fast-digesting protein shake 40 to 60 minutes before your training. However, you shouldn't get too excited, and load on sugary food before working out as it can backfire by the time you finish training. So don’t have any fast-digesting carbs in your shake, opt for moderately digesting ones instead. However, don’t consume much fat and fiber at this time as they slow down absorption. A shake with a ratio of 1 portion of protein to 1 portion of carbs would be a good choice.

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