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Would you like to see some bodybuilder or fitnes recipe? Would you like to loose fat, or gain muscle with proper nutrition? Here you can find recipes without any unhealthy ingredient, sometimes without sugar, and with lots of protein of course!

The „Antidote” of Chicken & Rice

Cheesecake without carbs

Asparagus salad with chicken

Builder casino eggs

Unorthodox protein-bang with quinoa

Builder trifle

The essence of power protein soup

Raspberry-curd tortilla

Breakfast mug-cake

Cauliflower disguised egg-souffle

No sugar protein bar

Tuna couscous salad

Chocolate-hazelnut souffle with grapes

Ham rolls stuffed with paprika-curd

Chocolate-covered cottage cheese-almond balls

Walnut-coconut oatmeal with amino cocktail

Pudding-banana cake

Beef cake with sweet potatoes

2-minute pseudo cream of wheat

Fruity breakfast rich in protein

Morning diet protein bomb

Protein Ball

Protein Tiramisu

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