Butt Workout: How Many Times a Week?

Butt Workout: How Many Times a Week?

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The shape and training of the butt has always been a hot topic among ladies. Many girls do exercises for their butts, even those who don’t go to the gym regularly. There are even some social media celebrities who have become popular because they work out only for their nice round butts—but they do that every day. But what are the good methods for training the glutes and how many times a week is it recommended to train them? Read on to find the answers.

The glutes can take relatively much load, as we are using them continuously during our everyday activities. It is definitely recommended to strengthen them. Yes, for men, too, because it can help prevent posture problems or correct existing ones. For example, if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, you might even cure your lower back pain by strengthening your abdominals, core back muscles and glutes, provided that the pain can be traced back to the weakness of these muscles. So, we can definitely say: you HAVE TO work out for your butt (and legs, of course.).

But what about those who only work out for their glutes? As you might have read it in a previous article, it is not recommended to work out for only one specific muscle or two. Doing so, your musculature will get out of balance, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Now let’s see how it impacts the development of your muscles if you work out for one muscle group every day—the glutes in this case.

During workout the muscle is loaded, which will cause micro tears in the muscle tissue. These are actually small injuries which should heal. During the recovery process, the injured muscles thicken, which will lead to the growth of the diameter of the muscle in the long run. To ensure this, 3 prerequisites should be met: effective training, quality food and rest.

However, in the case of too frequent butt workout, two of these are not OK. First: the micro-injuries cannot heal, because you keep tearing them up, just like when you tear the scar tissue off your skin. Second: if you can work out for the same muscle group several times in a row, your workout is most likely not effective enough. True, it doesn’t necessarily make a good workout if you can hardly crawl the next day because your muscles are so sore. On the other hand, if you had a good workout, you will feel the area you have worked on for a day or two, and there won’t be enough power in that muscle to make it work again.

You might still achieve some development, as the human body has awesome superpowers to adapt even to extreme stress. However, development will most likely be slower, more difficult and less visible than it would be in the case you allow yourself enough time to recover. Think it through: the butts of most girls who do their glutes only are only outstanding in proportion to the rest of their bodies, as they are thin like a stick everywhere but their butts. All in all we can say that working out for the same muscle group too frequently is not effective but throws back your development.

The number of recommended butt workouts per week depends on the individual, as we are not the same. Each of us has a different recovery rate. If yours is very good and you recover extreme fast, you might work out for your lower body (not just the glutes!) even three times a week. But you should not neglect the muscles of your upper body either, and preferably do different exercises each time.

The optimal method for your development, which works most of the time is a 2:2 pattern: 2 days of 4 for the upper body and 2 for the lower body. You might split them as follows:

  • Monday: Quadriceps, calves and maybe 1 or 2 exercises for the glutes
  • Tuesday: Shoulders, back, abs
  • Wednesday: Rest day
  • Thursday: Hamstrings, glutes
  • Friday: Biceps, triceps, 1 or 2 exercises for the pectorals; abs
  • Saturday-Sunday: Rest day

Of course you can pair the muscle groups differently, if it is more convenient for you. If you have the time and willingness, you might also devote an extra workout day to an underdeveloped muscle group or cardio. But, if your recovery rate is average or below, you should not work out for your lower body more than two times a week in order to ensure development. And don’t do the same exercises both times. Attack the muscles from different angles.

Doing so, you will be able to bring out the maximum from your workout each time.

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