Chocolate-hazelnut souffle with grapes

Chocolate-hazelnut souffle with grapes

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Fast and easy recipe, without baking or cooking! Percect solution for those who aren't familiar with protein powder, but craving for some healthy, and delicious dessert!


  • Oat flour (4 tblspoon)
  • Whey Protein Professional (chocohate-hazelnut, 30g)
  • Coconut milk (50 g)
  • Coconut oil ( 3 tblspoon)
  • Rum flavour (1 ml)
  • Baking powder (half sachet)
  • Liquid sweetener
  • Grapes

Nutritional values

Calories: 495 kcal

Protein: 25 g

Fat: 37 g

Carb: 42 g

Let's see a short vid about the preparation of souffle !

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