CreaZ (500 gr.)

Body Attack
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Product highlights:

  • Supplies up to 30 % more pure creatine
  • 100% active ingredient for your muscles
  • Monohydrate-free formula (anhydrous creatine)
  • Purest and unbound form of creatine
  • Enough for 166 days’ usage
  • Made in Germany
  • Pharmaceutical quality
  • Product on the Cologne List

Significantly more effective: Up to 30% more creatine makes it into your muscles.
The training muscles respond better to this form of creatine as they can only utilise this form effectively for the build-up of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). CREAZ from Body Attack leads to a faster charge of muscle creatine, through which the increase in high-speed strength performance in strength and sprint training is accelerated. Muscles are more resilient to an intensive workout, making it easier to reach training goals.

Daily consumption of Body Attack CREAZ can restore diphosphate deposits, diminished after just a few intensive repetitions, in mere seconds back into triphosphate.

 How does CREAZ work?

CREAZ is a new and stronger creatine product which, according to scientific studies improves performance in short and intensive workouts. This means that daily consumption of 3g creatine for a number of weeks´leads to more repetitions and increased training weights.

But this is not all: the speed of interval-runs can also be increased. Ambitious athletes and professional sportsmen are sure to be impressed by the 100 percent pure and uncombined CREAZ from Body Attack.

Recommended dosage:

Scoop 3 g of powder (1 level teaspoon) into your mouth and wash it down with plenty of liquid (300 ml). It is recommended to take the powder before or after working out. On non-training days, take directly af- ter getting up in the morning or at bedtime. Note: To have a positive effect, 3g of creatine must be consumed every day. 


Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 3 g | 1 level teaspoon

  Amount/serving DV %

Creatine (CREAZ®) 3000 mg

Ingredients: Anhydrous creatine (CREAZ®) (100%).

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