Doping In Recreational Bodybuilding

Doping In Recreational Bodybuilding

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An eternal dilemma for many natural bodybuilders. Are you a beginner and you want muscles ASAP? Or you’ve been pumping iron for many years now and you think you have exploited your full genetic potential? Are you considering taking juice as a next (or first) step? Well, that’s what this article is about, in an explicit style. If you are a sissy, do not read any further. But I suppose you aren’t. So let’s get it straight and go into more detail on this topic!

Give yourself a reason.

It always begins like that. Making up explanations and ideologies is the first thing you will do once the idea of using steroids has invaded your mind. “I’m a beginner; I don’t want to waste my time on food.” “Or rather I am just greedy and want to use some stuff, something that doesn’t come in a syringe, because that freaks me out.” Or, on the other hand: “I have a long training history; I eat the same shit every single day and I’m fed up with it. I look into the mirror and what do I see? All the energy I have invested in this sport doesn’t seem to pay off at all. What am I doing wrong? I do nothing wrong, that’s for sure. Aha, now I got it! My genetics suck.” Or, the other extreme: “I look awesome by default, but it is not enough for me because I am a megalomaniac narcissistic little prick and I want to look more like a god. And the chicks are also a huge motivation, of course. Plus, Jack got so fucking ripped from Stana last time, and I don’t wanna fall behind.”

steroid taking, steroid use, steroid

Well, take a deep breath, my friend, and be honest to yourself. You can always find a goddamn reason for considering juice. If you haven’t found one yet, believe me: most likely, you will, sooner or later. If not now, then 10 years later (if you will still be active in this sport that time).

Let’s say you’ve made up your mind.

It’s decided: you will start using. There are 3 ways to go: first, you may eat a few hundreds of “quality” pills. Or second, you inject some juice. Now wait: you have always been afraid of vaccination as a kid, so let’s take some time to deliberate. Alright, you might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb. So, the third option: you take all at once. You take or inject any kind of shit you can lay your hands on, even though you have no idea where the heck they are coming from. Turkish Primo from Jack? Greek “norm” Deca? Or pills from “Thailand”? Yeah, sure. You really believe that some moron will bring you all this stuff from the other side of the globe? Use your brain, you twit! Pills are made in a cellar, by some idiot who was flunked in chemistry at school, but not in math because he knows he can get a pretty little profit from this. Turkish Primo is just as Turkish as the baklava at the döner stand round the corner, and your “norm” Deca is mixed with sunflower oil, by some abnormal idiot, in a “sterile” environment like that of those illegal “meat processing plants” where the sausages are stored in plastic trays next to the dog crap in the backyard.

“This is a lie.”

Lie my ass. Just think. Let’s see: what is the function of anabolics? These are basically drugs. This means, they were developed for medical purposes, not for you to flaunt yourself. Their purpose is to support the recovery of weak and sick people, to treat certain illnesses or balance low hormone levels.However, the term “steroid” covers a lot of things. Steroids are sterane compounds, but this doesn’t mean they all have anabolic properties. Regarding its chemical structure, cholesterol is also a steroid, yet it won’t make you muscular if you start injecting it into your butt. Other steroids belong to anti-inflammatory products.

steroid taking, steroid use, steroid

Steroid is a collective noun for certain organic compounds. What we are talking about are anabolic or androgenic steroids. To put it simple: these hormones induce enhanced protein synthesis in the muscles. This means, the muscle cells will utilize the proteins (and other nutrients) you consume more efficiently, which will lead to growth in muscle mass, provided that all the other conditions are met. Blah, blah, blah... of course there are a million other effects. These are much more complex processes. Now we are only highlighting the major effect. So, dear self-appointed steroid experts, please don’t start playing the wise guy now because we won’t give you a good goddamn.

  1. Now it’s basically not about the effects of steroids. This is just a short intermezzo to help you get the point.

All in all, these are drugs, of which possession or use for performance enhancing purposes is illegal, just like trade or any other abuse.

Medicine has developed a lot ever since, so the use of such substances is often avoidable today. Many active ingredients have become unnecessary by now. So, (the real) pharmaceutical companies have ceased their production and they are not commercially available any more. The situation today is as follows: most of the (supposed) active ingredients are not used anymore in human medicine for at least 15 years, but not even in veterinary medicine to enhance yields. What does it mean in practice? It means, no matter how shiny the package of the new shit is. No matter what a shiny holograph it is sealed with: it is not original, you can take it for granted. After all, it doesn’t exist any more, at least not as a standard product of a real pharmaceutical company. If the stuff is not original, it can mean two things: either it contains little or no active ingredients (if you are lucky). Or, which is worse, it might contain different, much more harmful chemicals. In the beginning, you might believe it works, but the real nature of the stuff will show sooner or later.

So, if you believe your dealer will bring you genuine stuff just because he is your buddy, you are terribly wrong: you will most likely get fake stuff. Underground trademarks obviously imply fake: these are not coming from real pharmaceutical companies. They are specialized for steroid production and supplying the black market. And here comes the best part: Even if some of their “products” happen to work, you can be sure: they will be faked, too, in the blink of an eye. Nothing is better than buying the fake version of some shit which already comes from an unreliable source. There is no lower than that. Welcome to the world of stuff available for ordinary people!

steroid taking, steroid use, steroid

“It still works for me... Now what?”

Good for you. It’s really great if the stuff works. Nothing compares to this feeling, and that’s what makes it dangerous: the sweeping experience. This will make you do courses again and again, even if you have experienced some negative effects. Then, once you might run into a weaker series: you keep choking down those lousy pills enthusiastically, and you might still experience some change. A typical example for a fake stanozolol course: a little bit of methyltestosterone (which will literally punch holes into your liver) and a whole lot of caffeine. You will become stronger, and the caffeine will crank you, too. You won’t even notice the water retention. The previously mentioned effects will make you blind for it. And also it will “bring you mass”. So you will believe that this “Stana is a potent stuff”. Yeah, sure it is. Potentially dangerous for your liver and cardiovascular system. If you had the faintest idea how you would (or should) react to the original active ingredient, you could clearly see what a big mistake you’ve made with this shit.

If you inject it and you don’t get an abscess at the spot around the needle, you are lucky. You escaped the first risk factor: maybe this stuff was not processed by some redneck with manure on his hands. Also it is not a coincidence that in most of such stuff (mostly pills), the nominal amount of active ingredients has doubled in the past 10 years, yet they don’t work or not the way they supposed to, based on the doses. But, alright, let’s say it really works for you. You are doing a good progress; you feel good and your self-esteem is growing in parallel with the (seemingly) increasing size of your muscles. Everything seems to be OK, and you think you have made a good decision. But have you ever thought of what will happen when the course is over? Well, bro, you don’t want to know that. But once you’ve started, you will: the juice has suppressed the natural hormone production of your body. So, after the course, your testosterone level will be lower than that of a little girl.

You will be depressed; you won’t feel like working out; your cortisol level will be sky high; and your estrogen will remain steady, if you are lucky. But all in all, regarding hormone levels, you will be kinda like a lady who is having her period. You are starting to lose the mass you have gained. (We cannot tell it enough times: you need months or years to build muscles. You cannot skip this with a steroid course that lasts only 1 to 3 months). You are not so hard now, right? You feel like shit; each workout is like shit. And your cock is comatose, too. High five to yourself: you have made yourself a fucking wreck. It’s fine as long as you haven’t seen a doctor. Because, if they see your blood values, they might as well hospitalize you on the spot. You may support your recovery after a course with other meds, but think it through: to repair the damages you have done to yourself by some shit, you stuff even more poison into yourself. Does it make sense? Fight shit with shit. Good job!

Oh, you say it was fine for your pal? Well, remember that we are not the same. Some people really tolerate the post-course condition better. Their bodies recover much sooner than average after a course. They might even tolerate doping on a competitive level. This explains why there are much more people with such super powers among competitors. Of course, your pal won’t tell you that he has not banged his gf for real in the past six months because his cock is not working... this is embarrassing, so you’ll never learn about it.

Save what you can!

Now you start nagging me with your silly questions. Like what you should take that will make all your pain (in the ass) go away. But it should be preferably one specific stuff, because you cannot afford more. “Oh, my acne just wouldn’t go! What should I take?” “Oh, my urine smells like rotten crap for months! Which detox stuff should I take?” “Oh, my titties are sore and they are pointed like two Sidewinder missiles! Is there some good stuff for this?” No, there fucking isn’t! You’ve screwed it, my dear old pizza face. Oh, the juice has gotten you a pizza face? You’re not saying it! How did I guess? Well, I must have some psychic powers.There are 3 things you can do: 1) Next time you use your brain before you would do anything stupid. 2) If you still decide to do something stupid, you get thoroughly informed BEFOREHAND, prepare for the worst and don’t whine if the crisis eventually hits you. 3) Once you have screwed: first, you buy yourself a new brain. And second: you forget the URL of this site so you don’t come here with your stupid questions. Because we don’t deal with fucking illegal drugs or the trouble you have gotten yourself into. Go and see a doctor if your titties are sore.

Odds and Evens

The odds that we will help you on the above matter are ZERO. By the way: I am talking to you like this because I know what I’m saying. By experience. I’ve been there, too. I was still a teenager when I tried steroids for the first time. And I successfully screwed my endocrine system with it. Great results... but leave it for now! It might take you a few bitter encounters until you finally get it that doping is not a sustainable solution on recreational level. You may use something on an ongoing basis, and then you might be (seemingly) alright (depending on the quality of the stuff). But basically, each course will only destroy what you have built naturally. Both physically and mentally. Once you stop, your muscles will break down and you will suffer from the post-course symptoms. Do you have an idea how long it takes until your hormone levels get back to (more or less) normal after an average course?

steroid taking, steroid use, steroid

Nice boobs, dude!

About half a year. Any stuff that suppresses your natural hormone production (and basically, all of them do) can actually wreck your endocrine system for such a long time. Whining won’t make it shorter. And, being a depressed idiot with low self-esteem, it won’t be easy to do your best in your everyday life, or even to look into the mirror. Do you know what it’s like when your relationship falls victim to your selfishness? Do you know what it’s like when you ruin everything around you because you have made a huge mistake? Juice might turn your whole life upside down. And this is not a joke. It is not funny if you lose your job because you are totally unfit. But you know what? As long as you are a “steroid virgin”, I know you won’t rest until you’ve tried it. You keep fantasizing about it until you try something. The best is when you do it as a teenager. At this age, you really believe that you are ten feet tall, whether you are full of juice or simply retarded. And you walk along the streets like you could wreck a skyscraper with a single punch. I love it when little bastards are roid raging. No matter there is no active substance in their stupid pills. Still they make them the kings of the universe! Roid rage extraordinaire. But only because they have read that this is how they are supposed to feel.

Before you start using...

Think it over: what are your goals, what you can profit from it and what problems you may face because of illegal drug abuse, besides breaking the law. Put both sides on a scale and decide whether it is worth it. Let me help you: it is hell not worth. If you are stupid enough, you may cause irreversible damage to your system. Sometimes it is enough to run into some crappy stuff only once. Or, if you try it and you like it, you might fall into this endless spiral. It really sucks when (after numberless issues with your health and private life) you might understand that you don’t need this any more, still there are little devils sitting on both of your shoulders, telling you like “Hey, time for another course!” And this can go on like this for years, believe me. If you have tried it once, and it worked for you, it will haunt you forever. And if you carry on, you won’t be able to stop. In the end, you will need a course to avoid drastic muscle loss or just to feel normal. Or you keep chasing permanent progress, which you couldn’t maintain without juice. You just try to survive between courses. And you might still look like shit.

steroid taking, steroid use, steroid

It hurts to be a jerk, doesn’t it?

On recreational level, doping makes absolutely no sense. Now don’t you say: “But the competitors...” – What competitors? I said: RECREATIONAL LEVEL. Competitive sports are a totally different world. Who cares how our “heroes” are wrecking themselves? Or, they actually don’t. But that is rather a matter of genetics. Olympic sports are also a totally different world. It is not even worth wasting our breath. On this level, doping-free sport is just an illusion. It doesn’t exist.

So, keep calm, eat right, use legal quality supplements, train persistently and don’t worry too much about your physique. It is simply not worth risking your health for a period that might be temporarily better but which will entail a row of negative consequences for sure.

Don’t forget: there is no such a thing as “one course”. There is only a “first course”.


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