Eat yourself strong

Eat yourself strong

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I think that everyone involved in the world of workouts really loves eating. It is because eating is good.

However it also undeniable that most of the time body builders, weightlifters, athletes and non-pro iron pumpers eat shit.

Some of them might think that the holy “chickenrice” combo is the essence of eating healthy, but it is NOT. Here you can find some well-known food that provide unheard benefits, especially when you go for being strong.


The top of the list may not be everyone’s favourite – if it was, it would be called bacon. However a study in 1992 (performed at Johns Hopkins University) showed that regular consumption of broccoli slowed tumor development by 60%, and reduced existing tumors by 75%. I think it is quite a remarkable result from a vegetable. Broccoli contains more polyphenols than any other vegetable, and it also has a great amount of indole, a natural oestrogen-inhibitor in it. Apart from all that it has lesser superpowers too: supports the immune system, helps creation of bone tissue, and can prevent certain birth defects. And all you need to do to access these benefits is to eat one simmered flowering head over a 2-3 days period. It is not that bad – actually I like it.(Eating larger amounts will make you fart though!)

Wild salmon

It is a more popular item of our list. An important factor is not to buy wretched fish that lived its measly life in a tank as its fat profile is far from ideal – those raised at a salmon farm are low in Omega-3 fatty acids, even though that would be one of the main reasons to eat salmon. Oils containing Omega-3 fatty acids lower the risk of coronary diseases, reduce high blood-pressure, they are natural antiphlogistics, they can prevent cancer and several degenerative eye diseases, boost metabolism, and help losing body fat.


It is getting better and better, right? Beef if rich in Omega-3 (mentioned above), so it provides you with all the benefits of salmon, but it contains loads of creatine too. It does not make supplementation redundant, but eating beef regularly will show in your results.


Eating walnuts lowers the risk of a heart attack. It is rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a vegetal Omega-3 fatty acid with so many beneficial properties, that it earned its own section of the encyclopedia. Besides ALA the walnuts are rich in plant sterols too that lower cholesterol levels, and are packed with arginine, magnesium and cuprum too.

Olive oil

A study in 2005 compared different kinds of olive oils, and it found extra virgin products to contain the most polyphenols; five times the amount found in other kinds. So if you go for olive oil, always choose extra virgins. One of its beneficial effects is making the wall of blood vessels more elastic. Including olive oil in our meals can bring a lot of positive effects, as it represents the top amongst mono-saturated fats with a 72% content. It helps in controlling consumption and losing body fat.


In case you are to choose only one item from this list for some reason, you should stick to blueberries. These little berries contain more anti-oxidants than any other fruits and vegetables known today. A few years back the Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study about significant rise of anti-oxidant levels in the blood of individuals taking a mugful of cranberries (100–150 g) a day. This might make it a strong contributor in preventing cancer too. Just to mention a property that relates more to our main interests: eating cranberries daily improves motoric test results by a margin of 5–6 %, and that can be useful in a weighted workout.


Next time you wonder what to buy for salads, forget about cabbage or iceberg lettuce; choose spinach instead. Loads of spinach. Popeye knows better! This vegetable is unique to the ones above by containing high levels of carotinoids like zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, high levels of anti-oxidants like CoQ10 (Q10 coenzyme) and glutathione (GSH, a glutamic acid), and bit of insulin-like alpha lipoic acid. It also contains a huge amount of Omega-3 too. All this makes spinach capable of reducing homocysteine levels, thus lowering the risk of many types of cancer.


The main health promoting reason for tomato being listed here is its lycopene content that has pretty much the same role in preventing prostate cancer as using a cross (or holy water) against vampires. It is also a very potent anti-oxidant: its effectiveness might exceed even that of beta-carotene. Moreover it promotes the skin’s resistance towards direct sunlight. (Girls: it means better and lovelier tanning!) Efficient absorption of lycopene requires fats; let’s say some olive oil spilled on a tomato-spinach salad.

Turkey breast fillet

One of the most fatless kind of meat available. It also comes at a low price, and contains rare minerals too e.g. selenium. Its fat content makes it an equivalent of chicken breast fillets (thus an ideal component in a diet), but it represents a different flavour at the same quality, at a similar price.

Shiitake mushroom

Mushrooms in general contain zinc, essential amino acids, and vitamins – all these would not make shiitake special. An extract of it (called Lentinan) is sold as an anti-tumor medicine in Japan. It is proved to be effective against liver, stomach and lung cancer. It is also a very potent antiviral substance. The science behind that is Lentinan stimulates the production of T lymphocytes, and those are the SWAT members of the body’s inbuilt protection.

Of course, this list could be much longer, but probably these are the items that you can purchase pretty easily every week, and they can make your diet more diverse and delicious. You can also be more healthy, consequently stronger, and might also live longer. Or it’s just our last years would not be as miserable as for all those eating junk.

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