Four-day split training plan

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In this training plan, each muscle group will be worked once a week, except for the lower abs and the calves. Since your training plan is split up into four, none of your workouts will be too long, and you can train each larger muscle group separately. And the order of the days is set so that each muscle group can get as much time to recover as possible. The number of sets refers to the working sets only. This means, for example, in the case of bench presses with 80 kgs, sets with the empty bar, 40 or 70 kgs are NOT included!

Monday: Abs, chest and biceps

Ab wheel: 4 x max rep
Bench press: 4x8
Incline dumbbell press: 3x8*
Pull-over: 2x10-15
Flyes: 2x10-15
Standing barbell bicep curls: 3x8
Dumbbell bicep curls on a Scott bench: 2x8
Standing bicep curls with reverse grip: 3x8**

Tuesday: legs and calves

Squats: 4x8
Machine leg press: 4x8
Hack squats: 4x10
Leg extensions: 3x12-15
Leg curls: 4x10
Stiff-legged deadlift: 4x8-10
Sitting (or standing) leg curls: 4x12
Standing calf raises: 20; 15; 10; 8; 10; 15; 20
Sitting calf raises***: 3x10-15

Thursday: Abs and shoulders

Crunches: 4x25
Leg raises: 4x20
Military presses (sitting or standing): 3x8
Arnold-presses: 3x8
One-arm lateral raises: 3x10-12
Bent over lateral raises with dumbbells: 3x10-12

Friday: Back, triceps and calves

Pull-ups: 4 x max rep
Pull-down with close grip: 4x8
Bent-over rows (or inverted rows for those with lower back problems): 4x8-10
One-arm dumbbell rows: 4x10
Push up dips between benches: 3 x max rep
Overhead tricep extension: 3x10-12
Cable pull-down with rope: 3x12-15
Donkey calf raises: 4x10-20
Sitting calf raises: 4x10-20

*: Vary the inclination of the bench from one set to the other so that your chest is worked from a slightly different angle in each set.

**: The first two sets should be performed so that you hold the bar with your thumbs around it. Then do the third one so that your thumbs hold the bar on the same side as the other fingers.

***: You can change the order of exercises from one workout to the other. In case of standing exercises the rep counts should be lowered as the load is increased, and vice versa.

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