Girlish Myths – Reloaded!

Girlish Myths – Reloaded!

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You know, we are really devoted to help you reach your goals and we do our best to dispel myths which could distract you. But time after time, strange things show up on the Internet, or in women's magazines, which can cause some disturbance in the Force. At times like these, we receive questions which inspire us to write articles like this one here: About the latest common stereotypes!

“Bulletproof Coffee” and Co.

OMFG! This one is apparently imported. True, we, Hungarians have or own issues, too. But this new hype originating from Daily Mail could even shock us. We have talked about different diets several times: Eating cotton, popcorn or any other shit you can imagine. There are no limits to human stupidity. Why is it still so difficult to understand that the key to weight loss is eating less calories than you use? There seems to be a constant urge to make some foodstuff the key element of a “diet”. In case you didn’t know, coffee with butter is the latest hype. Maybe because caffeine will boost your metabolism, while butter gives you energy without making you fatter because it is fat itself or what... A genius idea indeed! Anyway, British girls are famous for their beauty, aren’t they? ;) All they need is sexy, skinny bodies and some caffeine to cure their constipation. This is actually not even a stereotype, only another piece of crap. Still we better put an end to it before it would even start: No, you should not survive on coffee and butter. First, because it’s disgusting. And second, because it makes just as much sense as, say, being on a turd-and-jam-sandwich diet. Technically, jam spread on a piece of turd is just as “effective”. You know, it’s all about portion control ;)

You only need to go to the gym if you want to lose weight...

Yeah, sure. This can be the only reason why you should hit the gym. It’s a freakin’ old school belief, which, for some reason, cannot be weeded out of all the pinheads. Still many females can only persuade themselves to hit the gym and do some weight training if they want to lose weight, even though the world has turned around several times in the last 15 years. Move on! Hello, anybody out there? Believe it or not, people are different, with different goals. Who will become fitness models, competitors, GOOD competitors, or just healthy, shapely, hot girls?

Girlish Myths – Reloaded!

Hardly the ones who hit the gym with all of their 110 kilos and suffer on the treadmill (or maybe the treadmill suffers more) all the time until they get pit stains of the sizes of Alabama and Mississippi, and their belly buttons get flooded, too, at the bottom of their “Mariana Trench” of fat layers. There are actually a lot of females in the gym, determined to overcome the weights and themselves, too. You might have never read this before: Weight training and body-building are not just about losing weight and extreme dieting. Training is health; training is therapy; building body and mind. All great things. So it shouldn’t be spoiled with stupid stereotypes. So, if you visit the gym regularly and shape your body consistently, and the next time some smartass asks you: ”Why do you work out, you wanna lose weight?” Feel free to punch them so they get a pretty little black-eye in the shape of a Builder-logo.

Girls should not work out with heavy weights.

Oh, yeah? And why? Is it dangerous, or what? True, anything can be dangerous in a gym. Even working out with small weights, if you are doing it without warm-up or proper technique Now really, give me a good reason in a comment, And you will be rewarded, I promise.

Small weights and high reps, or heavy weights and low reps: One of life’s big questions that can never be decided, it seems. There have never been so many personal trainers as there are these days. And many-many of these wannabe personal trainers had salami sandwiches for lunch in between the classes at the trainer course. And now that they finally graduated at some no-name institution,  they are free to spread the word: “Work out with small weights and high reps, as much as you can!” You know, if you get that burning sense in your muscles, that must be your fat burning. Bullshit! There is no debate: Whether you want to lose weight or not, you have to train by the principle of progressive load. Yes, this means, you have to use heavy weights (based on your strength). That’s the way to make your muscles adapt to the load and absorb more nutrients. And that’s the way your body will make the best use of the nutrients you eat. And so on, and so forth... but I’m sure you already know that; we have a whole lot of articles on this topic. Plus, working with heavy weights does not imply you have to keep reps low. You can use high reps, but always with the heaviest weight possible!

Drink pink protein! Girls need special protein!

The other madness. I don’t know what’s happening to people today. What makes anyone think a female should drink different protein than a male does? We got numberless questions on this issue lately. Why? How? Where did it come from? WHO STARTED IT? Fry them in hot boiling oil! As far as I remember, females are primates, too. And they belong to the the hominidae family, too. So it’s quite plausible that they need the same nutrients as males do. 

Drink pink protein! Girls need special protein!

Bang! Special protein for females. Oh, my Goodness... This must be a special protein with a special amino acid structure of this shape:  – guaranteed to work totally DIFFERENTLY on you. Believe me, this is better for you than anything else! It will burn fat, grow/reduce your butt or boobs, whatever you wish. True, there are designer proteins. And some of them are targeted especially at female consumers, either with the image or otherwise. But this doesn’t mean there are really special “female proteins”. The truth is, if you drink the same whey protein as any male bodybuilder, it’s going to fulfill the same function in your system, too: to provide easily digestible quality nutrients for your muscles. Full stop.

Girls need a special multivitamin!

No. I said: No. I have to highlight that, too, because we got about 4,238,947 questions on this matter, i.e. whether women can take an average daily multivitamin. Why shouldn’t they? There is no such a thing as a “male vitamin”! Vitamins have no genders. True, there are some micronutrients of which the female body may need higher or lower amounts, especially during pregnancy. But in general, your daily requirement of vitamins does not radically differ from that of a huge, hairy male. And taking the same vitamins won’t make you a huge, hairy male. Don’t worry. Fortunately, this does not need that much explanation most of the time. But alright, here you go, we are writing it down again, just to make everybody calm the f*** down. Think again! The evolution of the human body has not yet come to a point that would enable us to change sexes spontaneously. Sad but true.

Girls need a special multivitamin!

Alright, you might say these questions are not totally unreasonable: Actually there are special multivitamins for girls, as well as others, which are rather recommended for men. But this doesn’t mean you HAVE TO take either one of these. And I’m telling you: Even if you choke down your man’s “male vitamin”, nothing on Earth will happen. The only trick about these products is that some of them may contain some special ingredients or herb extracts which might work especially well for a man or a woman. But that’s all, no need to overthink it. Peace, take multivitamins, because that’s a must. 

Girls should only take diet pills, but no other extra supplements.

But girls have muscles, too. And girls’ muscle cells also use ATP when they are working. Moreover, girls poop, too. Even though they would never admit to it. Come on! What makes you think just because you are female, you cannot take creatine? What does creatine do to your body? See? You can profit just as much from it as a man can. It can facilitate recovery and enhance strength and performance during physical exercise. Or there is HMB, various complex supplements for special purposes, or beta alanine etc.

After all, a thermogenic fat burner of 16 components is totally alright, even if most of the people have no idea about the effects of the ingredients. But there are hot girls in the commercials, even though anyone can take these products, too, regardless of gender. All in all, feel free to try basically any supplement for your diet, for bulking or whatever your goals may be. Alright, maybe anything but natural testosterone boosters. Those are really useless for you.

Weight training will only make me bigger!

This is the finishing stroke to my bitchy little article. It is closely related to the pile of crap called I’m-gonna-be-too-muscular, with a slight difference: It is the most widespread among females who really work out regularly, and they are really twice as big as they were when they started – in bodyfat. Because, at the end of each workout, they think they have “burnt” a pizza in advance, which they will swallow in whole after workout, without even chewing it. For them, working out is an excuse to binge.But this method will totally throw you off the track: You may gain some muscle, plus a whole lot of fat over what you already have. A foolproof recipe for becoming a massive broodmare. Right here, right now, free of charge, just for you!

And you will  transform fat into muscle. Yeah, sure. You might eat clean, more or less, but most likely, without any concept, or based on some crappy new wave diet. And you have no idea how come you look more like a cow each month. But don’t lose your heart: Many guys have a fetish for power girls. They might see a walking ripe egg cell in them, or whatever. If you are fine with it, I’m fine with it, too.

And finally: Should you feel hurt because you might have recognized yourself in any of the “cases” presented above, find comfort in reading  The Yellow CapsuleBelieve me, it’s like a candle (or more like a spotlight) in the dark.

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