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Collagen supplements are becoming more and more popular today. Collagen is the naturally occurring protein, the most common protein in the animal world. One of the most important components of bone, cartilage, ribbons and other connective tissues. The Vitaking Collagen product contains Peptan Ⓡ collagen (bovine collagen) as well as significant amounts of vitamin C (500mg per dose) and zinc (15mg per dose). A delicious flavor with a stevium. Its daily dose is 11 g, of which 9 g of protein (collagen) content.

Vitamin C contributes to:

  • the normal functioning of the immune system during or after intense exercise.
  • the normal energy metabolic processes.
  • the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • maintain the normal psychological function.
  • the normal functioning of the immune system
  • protect the cells against oxidative stress
  • reduce fatigue and fatigue.
  • regenerate the reduced form of vitamin E.
  • enhances the absorption of iron.
  • the normal collagen formation and through:
  • the maintain the normal condition of the vessels and their functioning.
  • the maintain normal bones.
  • the maintain the normal state and function of the cartilage.
  • the maintain the normal state of the gum.
  • the maintain normal skin condition and function.
  • the maintain the normal condition of the teeth.

Vitaking Collagen with 15mg zinc per serving

Zinc works in the body, like a traffic police officer. For example, it participates in metabolic processes, plays a role in normal protein synthesis, and participates in maintaining normal acid-base equilibrium. Zinc is found in protein-rich foods such as eggs, legumes, meat, fish and seafood. One of the most popular forms of zinc supplements is zinc gluconate.

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 11 g
Number of servings: 30

  Amount/serving DV %

Collagen 9000 mg
Vitamin C 500 mg
Zinc 15 mg

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