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Netamin Maca Root extract capsule 500 mg 

  • 4:1 ratio of Maca root extract – 100% vegan product!
  • 1 capsule a day (2000 mg of maca powder) is all you need
  • can increase female fertility
  • can help to increase sperm volume and mobility
  • can support both male and female sexuality
  • can have a positive effect on hormonal system

 Maca Root is a herb traditionally used to boost fertility and balance the hormonal system of the body. Ancient Incas have been using maca root for thousands of years to boost energy levels, stamina, and fertility, but it is used with great success even today around the globe. Women and men can both enjoy its benefits, more and more scientific studies are proving its effectiveness.

Ancient natives of Peru highly valued this herb. With many nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and carbs) maca refreshes, renews, the body and loads it up of new vitality. They think it also improves mental health, this is why its also called "Peruvian ginseng". Maca is thought to be a powerful sexual desire enhancer, and science has backed up these claims since then.


One capsule a day daily, before meals, with plenty of fluids, without chewing.


Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 1 capsule
Number of servings: 60

  Amount/serving DV %

MACA Root extract 4:1 500 mg

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