Medium-Chain Triglycerides—Liquid Energy

MCT is the best liquid energy concentrate. This product is made of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). It contains twice as much calories as carbohydrates or proteins, still it won’t cause fat gains. Similarly to carbohydrates, it gets straight into the muscle cells and gets burned. In other words, it evades the metabolic processes that are necessary for breaking down other kinds of fats. Since it is so easy to use, it will not be stored as body fat. Instead, it provides even more energy for training. Furthermore, the latest studies say it also increases growth hormone levels. If enriched with L-carnitine and vitamin C, the concentrated active substance of MCT strengthens the muscles and revs up fat burning. If you are bulking, it provides you valuable extra calories after meals. And, if you are shredding, you can substitute a part of carbs or fats with it.

Medium-chain triglycerides break down similarly to carbohydrates, but they provide twice as much energy. MCTs are not stored in the body directly as fat. For this reason, MCT is an excellent energy source in any kind of sport. You can use it for cooking, mix it into your drinks or have a sip from the bottle.

MCT is a unique new concentrated food. It was developed by scientists for competitive athletes to provide them quick and concentrated energy supply, in a quality that had never been achieved before. Unlike other fats that can be found in our food, MCT will not turn into unwanted body fat. Instead, its unique molecular structure and high biological solubility enables the body to burn it instead of carbs. Medium-chain triglycerides carry twice as much energy with the same bioavailability. This makes them especially useful in sports that require extreme endurance including triathlon, Marathon running etc. During these sports activities the athletes often experience “hunger cramps” when their glycogen storages are depleted, but this can be avoided with MCT. Similarly to glycogen, MCT is also stored primarily in the liver, in quantities that enable rapid energy transport even long after the glycogen storages have been depleted. Since MCTs circulate in the blood stream as ketone bodies, they supply the body with easily usable energy throughout the body, right where it is needed. As a priority source of energy, MCT is burned much sooner than proteins. This protein sparing effect protects both the skeletal and the heart musculature from atrophy, which often happens in the case of sports activities that require extreme endurance, as a consequence of hypoalimentation (relatively insufficient nourishment). MCT also has other great benefits:

  • Kritchevsky & Co. found that MCT reduces both serum cholesterol levels and the level of cholesterol in the liver. Bach and Babayan explained this effect with reduced intestinal absorption and less cholesterol produced by the liver.
  • Stewart & Co., as well as Kaunitz have measured less cholesterol deposits in all kinds of tissues.
  • Furthermore, MCT has another benefit, which becomes especially important in strength sports: it supports the absorption of amino acids, calcium and magnesium.
  • MCT is useful in the treatment of overweight patients as well, since MCT is only activated in the mitochondria and won’t be stored in fat tissues.
  • Travis, Minenna and Frier have found that MCT facilitates thermogenesis and, as a result, revs up metabolism.
  • MCT also significantly raises the quantitative threshold of nutrients that causes weight gain. In other words, if calorie intake remains the same, weight (fat) loss occurs.

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