Shaving: How Frequently, How?

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Shaving is a pretty hot and a debatable topic, everyone has their opinions and habits. Shaving is not only required in our everyday lives but in bodybuilding and fitness too. Every bodybuilder shaves his/her entire body before a competition or if she/he wants to look good because a shaved physique looks more shredded and muscular than an unshaved one.

Or it is not really shaving, but pulling? According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, his friend Franco Columbu has solved the problem of shaving by pulling out his body hair by his very own hands. Of course, we do not recommend this technique to anyone. But before showing you how you should shave your body, we have to kill a myth.

The myth looks like this:

The more you shave, the stronger your hair becomes and the quicker it grows.

This misbelief is still alive in most people's minds. 15-20 years ago teenager boys shaved their faces every day because they thought that would result in a proper facial hair/beard, but at the same time many men and women are afraid to shave their armpits every day because they fear the more frequently they do it, the more hair there will be.

Bad news to some (teenagers), good news to others (adults): the sentence written above in red is completely false.

If it would be true, there would be no baldness on Earth, and everyone would walk with 7-feet long beards on the streets, including women. The fact is: the frequency of shaving does not determine how fast your hair grows and how thick it grows back, but your genetics.

Here are some more facts for you:

  • some people are born with more hair than others
  • everyone's hair grows back at a different rate
  • at some places hair really does grow faster than others. The armpits will get hairier after shaving 50% faster than your legs for example, that is why we have to shave our armpits more frequently than our legs.

The bottom line:

If your body hair is bothering you, just shave. Yes, shave every day. Yes, shave everywhere every day.

If you are shaving every day in order to grow a beard, stop trying. It won't work at all. Trust me. If your baldness is annoying you, it's worth to consider taking Saw Palmetto. A study* has shown that half of the patients that took Saw Palmetto and one more substance had an almost 12% increase of hair on the top of their heads after 4 months of treatment. Biotin can be useful too.

Now that we have successfully killed a myth, the next question emerges:

What equipment should we shave with?

A razor blade does not pull the hair out by its root, just cuts it, leaving its root below your skin. So it's natural that hair will grow back quicker than Columu's solution (hair pulling). Waxing, epilation, laser hair removal eliminates the roots of the hair too, but they are either very painful, or very expensive (or both at the same time).

The question is: does it really worth it to cause this much pain just because you want to save 10 minutes from your day by not choosing to shave? This is a question you have to answer for yourself.

If you do choose shaving, and you reach for a clipper or a razor blade, you have to know that the razor makes your skin much smoother, but it can cause ingrown hair. To prevent this, never shave if you have goosebumps. If your skin is sensitive, then it's not a 100% solution though.

You do not have to choose between a clipper or a razor blade. You can use both. If your goal is to shave your legs, use the clipper first, then repeat the sequence with the razor. This may seem like a waste of time, but it really isn't: you will be done much sooner than without the clipper.

Shave more often if you want to spare some time: this way it will take less time to shave your body than when you are as hairy as Chewbacca. If you don't want to have as smooth skin like a baby, then just use the clipper, that is the fastest.

And - as we have learnt today -do not worry about having more hair due to frequent shaving. Just go at it every day if you want.

Of course at some bodyparts, be careful! ;)


*:The Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Topical Saw Palmetto and Trichogen Veg Complex for the Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia in Men

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