Sit ups

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With the sit ups bodyweight exercise you can stimulate your abs (especially the upper area), and your core muscles as well.


Lay on the ground or on a bench with an adjustable tilting mechanism. Your head must be lower than your toes. Place your feet under the roller pad. Bend your knees about 30 degrees, and keep them firm during your movement to avoid injury in your lower back. Place your hands on the back of your head without pulling or pushing your head, and keep them there.

Curl your upper body (yes, your back too) towards your chest. Use the power of your abs and not your hips. Do not use any momentum. The movement must be nice and slow and continuous.

Extra tips

It's worth noting that this exercise will NOT give you 6-pack abs. If your diet is on point, your abs will look muscular due to this exercise. You can tilt the bench more if you need more resistance.

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