The 'Big bang theory' in practice – builder product test!

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Let's see what it's like when a hardcore pre-workout junkie tries an old product he has missed so far for some reason. Frankly, I stopped counting the brands of pre-workout products I have tried before. I can almost say, if I haven't tried it, it doesn't exist. Big Bang, however, got missed somehow. But those 50+ active ingredients were just too appealing. Plus, I liked that all those goodies are enough to substitute supplementation during the workout.

As I always work out in the morning, I planned to test it in 2 ways: first, by itself on an empty stomach, and second, boosted with 30 g of VitarGO.


The packaging has the usual streamlined Scitec design. No unnecessary glitter. Ingredients are listed clearly and visibly on the label, as usual. I take no exception. Alright, maybe one thing, because today I'm having a bad hair day: it would be great if the ingredients were not just listed on a "matrix" level but also in detail. But that's no big deal.

Composition and expected effects

This is simple: I expected a brutal boost and focus, as this product contains a potent dose of all the agents that are meant for this purpose. Caffeine is pretty tough with its 330 g amount, but luckily, I have no problems with that. What makes it significantly different from the pre-workout supplements I have used before is the extra amino acid content. And I know exactly how great that is for delaying fatigue. Although my workout sessions are usually short and intense, I train-fasted. This way, the effect is likely to show. I expected the same from the VitarGO-version – only tenfold. Because I've already tried VitarGO before, and it makes me feel extremely charged even by itself.

Based on the ingredients, it is actually not one product but two. Because a portion of Big Bang is basically equivalent to taking an "ordinary" pre-workout formula and later a portion of BCAA + Glutamine Xpress or something like that. 2in1!

Taste, solubility, texture, smell

Some of these many ingredients are notorious for being hard to dissolve, especially BCAA (though creatine is not the champion of dissolution either). However, this is not an issue in this product. Just shake it briefly, and it dissolves perfectly.

But the taste... Well, I cannot speak of it in superlatives. It is far from a culinary catharsis, to say the least. Alright, camouflaging the taste of so many ingredients is not so easy. All in all, it is drinkable.

Scitec Nutrition Big Bang

Effects after the first few times

In itself, on an empty stomach:

One of the main differences between this product and Black Blood Nox+ or Nitrox Therapy (the supplements I use recently) is that the latter two hit you instantly like a jackhammer, while Big Bang stalks you sneakily, and suddenly you just feel that you are training like never before. Although I like the “feeling” when my pre-workout effect kicks in, I can do without it with Big Bang, because nothing compares to the experience it gave me.

Because this stuff is brutal. If you look at the ingredients, you might suspect that the effect goes far beyond simple cranking. But I would have never thought that I could feel so incredibly charged during a fasted workout from a zero-carb supplement. To be honest, I was a bit worried whether I would feel any difference the next time, when I would try it with VitarGO. Because you cannot escalate things infinitely. However, I was pleased that I could do a chest-back-triceps superset workout with such energy, charge and (last but not least) strength from the first minute to the last, which I didn't expect at all. I could definitely feel the effect of Big Bang!

Combined with VitarGO:

As I mentioned above, I have already had positive experiences with VitarGO itself. So much, that last time I went nuts and took 30-30-30 grams before, during and after workout. Financially it was bankruptcy, but the feeling was worth it. This time I was only planning to take a portion with Big Bang about half an hour before workout to see what these two can do together; whether you can take it any further.

You can!

You can feel the pump even during a fasted workout, that's clear. And you can take it further with a great pre-workout supplement like Big Bang, as you have read it before. But if you believe you have seen everything and felt everything, add 30 grams of VitarGO to your zero-carb pre-workout supplement before your morning session... And you just won't believe it. What's more, I tried it on a pretty nasty day: shoulders-legs-biceps were on the menu. Pumped shoulders are less spectacular than the chest or back, and I cannot yet train my legs with full intensity, so this combo had to prove itself in difficult circumstances. Still the effects were brutal. VitarGO has superb absorption properties by default. But when it reaches the target muscles even faster due to the vasodilator agents, it literally bursts them... If you think about it, it makes sense that VitarGO and Big Bang work synergistically, but it was great to experience it in real life so it's not just true "on paper". Don't miss this experience, if you have the opportunity. Especially because it's more than just the pump: it also makes your workout hyper-efficient, so, self-evidently, your muscles get more stimulation this way. To sum it up: VitarGO + Big Bang for president!

Effects after finishing the whole box

In progress (I haven't finished it yet). In the case of pre-workout formulas, finishing the whole box is relevant because you might develop a tolerance, which is highly dependent on the individual. I'm not exaggerating: I've been using pre-workout products for more than 5 years (don't try this at home, this is my addiction), and I still feel them. So in my opinion, this fear of tolerance is a bit overdone.

Summary and recommendations

A+, no question. Alright, maybe just an "A", because there is still room for improvement regarding the taste. Normally, we would deduct a grade because the price is pretty high, but we are not doing this now. Because, if you consider that your pre-workout formula contains as much amino acids that it renders amino supplementation during the workout unnecessary, it actually makes it less expensive. Not to mention the fact that products sold at low prices are likely to be of questionable quality.

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