The USA DVs (Daily Values)

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Daily Values - Daily Recommended Intake

Hungarian English DV's * RDA's ** PDI Values ***
Kalória Total Calories 2000 kcal - -
Zsír összesen Total Fat 65 g - max. 30%
of total calories
better <20%4
Telített zsír Saturated Fat 20 g
Koleszterin Cholesterol 300 mg - <300 mg
Szénhidrát összesen Total Carbohydrates 300 g - min. 55%
of total calories
Élelmi rost Diteary Fiber 25 g
Fehérje Protein US-RDA 50 g - 1,5-2,5g/bwkg
max.3 g/bwkg
Vitaminok Vitamins DV's * RDA's ** PDI Values ***
A-vitamin Vitamin A 5000 IU 800 µg1 5000-25000 IU
Béta-karotin Beta Carotene - - 15000-80000 IU
C-vitamin Vitamin C 60 mg 60 mg 800-3000 mg
D-vitamin Vitamin D 400 IU 5 µg2 400-1000 IU
E-vitamin Vitamin E 30 mg 10 mg 200-1000 IU
K-vitamin Vitamin K 80 µg - 80-180 µg
Tiamin (B1-vitamin) Thiamin 1,5 mg 1,4 mg 30-300 mg
Riboflavin (B2-vitamin) Riboflavin 1,7 mg 1,6 mg 30-300 mg
Niacin (B3-vitamin) Niacin 20 mg 18 mg 20-100 mg
B6-vitamin Vitamin B6 2 mg 2 mg 20-100 mg
Folsav Folate 400 µg 200 µg 400-1200 µg
B-12 Vitamin Vitamin B12 6 µg 1 µg 125-300 µg
Pantoténsav Pantothenic Acid 10 mg 6 mg 25-200 mg
H-Vitamin Biotin - 0,15 mg 25-200 mg
Ásványi anyagok Minerals DV's * RDA's ** PDI Values ***
Kalcium Calcium 1000 mg 800 mg 1200-2600 mg
Vas Iron 18 mg 14 mg 15-60 mg
Magnézium Magnesium 400 mg 300 mg 400-800 mg
Foszfor Phosphorus 1000 mg 800 mg 800-1600 mg
Kálium Potassium 3500 mg 3500 mg 2500-4000 mg
Nátrium Sodium 2400 mg 2000 mg 1500-4500 mg
Cink Zinc 15 mg 15 mg 15-60 mg
Réz Copper 2 mg 1,4 mg 3-6 mg
Mangán Manganese 2 mg 4 mg 15-45 mg
Szelén Selenium 70 µg 80 µg 100-300 µg
Jód Iodine - 150 µg 200-400 µg
Króm Chromium - 120 µg 200-600 µg
Molibdén Molybdenum - 0,25 mg 100-300 µg
Bór Boron - - 6-12 mg
Fluor Fluoride - 1,5 mg
Klorid Chloride - 3000 mg 1500-4500 mg
Egyéb anyagok Other Ingredients DV's * RDA's * PDI Values ***
Kolin Choline - - 600-1200 mg
Inozitol Inositol - - 800-1200 mg
Bioflavonoidok Bioflavonoids3 - - 800-1200 mg
Water (H2O) Daily Hidratation Guidelines according to Daily Energy Expenditure
2000 kCal 64-80 ounces 2-2,4 liter
3000 kCal 102-118 ounces 3-3,5 liter
4000 kCal 138-154 ounces 4,1-4,6 liter
5000 kCal 170-186 ounces 5,1-5,6 liter
6000 kCal 204-220 ounces 6,1-6,6 liter
1 - in retinol equivalents
2 - cholecalciferol
3 - citrus, rutin, hesperidin bioflavonoids
4 - Omega-3 (EPA&DHA) - 2000-4000 mg
GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) - 100-400 mg
GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) - 100-400 mg

* The Daily Values are recommended by the FDA in the United States. These are the recommended intakes in a ~2000 calories diet for an average person. Certain scientists - who are studying sports nutrition - suggest that some components' daily consumption should be increased because of higher daily stress or more intensive physical work like sports. Different diseases, interactions with types of medicines affect the absorption and bioavailability of certain components, therefore the defining of the correct and appropriate doses should be determined by an expert. (Pharmacist, doctor, nutritionist)

The USA's food standards are based on the Daily Values, therefore in cases of products where exact daily intakes are not mentioned only the DV, this chart is the key to determine the real value in theory.

** In the RDA column the EU RDA facts are indicated. In theory indicating these values on supplement products is obligated by law. Unfortunately values and regulations differ a lot from the practice used in the USA. The majority of sport supplements - especially the ones for bodybuilders - are amarican or can be purchased in the US, therefore their labelling MAY be a bit more accepted in public perception.

*** PDI-Performance Daily Intake™: A group of experts made a recommendation for athletes in which they suggest a daily value higher than the standard ones. Sources: Performance Nutrition - The Complete Guide, ISSA, Daniel Gastelu, M.S., MFS and Frederic C. Hatfield, Ph.D, 1995&1999.
Our readers are advised that under any circumstances the values in the 3rd (PDI) column are not officially recommended values for daily consumption and they only reflect the opinions of certain experts. Taking higher doses of particular vitamins and minerals may increase the risk of potential inconvenient side effects! That is why we strongly suggest to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using the values defined in the last column to prevent any side effects.

After the EU and Hungary, the USA also plans to limit the choice of people in some ways regarding food and food supplements by banning products that exceed the DV and RDA multiple times referring to common health prevention. These bureaucratic measures seem pretty phony when alcohol, nicotine, aspartame - and in some countries even canabis! - can be purchased legally and without restraint while departments can't guarantee the qualitative composition of our foods. We think that impeding conscious nutrition and supplementing with such measures will result in absolutely nothing but education and information will do. Our company and our employees are committed to a healthy lifestyle but we believe that democracy's biggest achievement is the free choice where everybody has a right to decide freely.

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