Weider 4-day intermediate routine

Weider 4-day intermediate routine

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This is a four-day routine, in which each muscle group will be worked twice a week. Although we prefer a version when each muscle is worked once a week, with the right intensity and volume, this solution can work, too.


Exercise Sets Reps
Incline sit-ups 3-4 15-20
Incline presses 6 15-5*
Weighted dips 4 12-6*
Cable rows 6 15-5*
Machine pull-downs 4 12-6*
Machine military presses 5 12-5*
Upright rows 3 10-6*
Seated calf raises 6 15-6*
Biceps curls, overhands 4 10-5*
Wrist curls 4 10-15


Exercise Sets Reps
Hanging leg raises 3-4 10-15
Squats 6 15-5*
Leg presses 5 12-5*
Stiff-legged deadlift 5 12-5*
Machine leg curls 3 10-6
Biceps curls on a Scott bench 5 15-6
Close-grip bench presses 5 15-6*
Standing calf raises 5 15-6*

* Sets that should be performed in a pyramid pattern are marked with an asterisk This means for example:

  • Do 12 reps with 60 kg in the first set;
  • then 10 reps with 70 kg in the second set;
  • 8 reps with 75 kg in the third;
  • and finally, 6 with 77.5 in the last one.

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