Weight gaining Meal Plan for 60kg v.3

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Password: Do not vary! You're looking for the simplest meal plan there is where the planning is minimal? No more search then, you've just found it! We sticked to the basics here, nothing fancy. Only fish can be a little bit too exotic, but we're not so sure about that.

Weight gaining Meal Plan for 60kg v.3
  Weight Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
- 06:00:00 100g 24,9g 54,1g 6,8g 387kcal
1. Oatmeal 80g 11,5g 51,4g 5,4g 309kcal
2. Cytogen Whey Pro 20g 13,3g 2,7g 1,3g 78kcal
- 09:00:00 230g 18,5g 24,0g 11,4g 280kcal
1. Whole grain bread 50g 6,5g 20,5g 1,5g 125kcal
2. Paprika 100g 1,2g 3,0g 0,3g 20kcal
3. Egg 80g 10,8g 0,5g 9,6g 136kcal
- 12:00:00 240g 25,0g 60,7g 6,9g 416kcal
1. Turkey leg 70g 14,0g 0,0g 4,9g 103kcal
2. Durum pasta 70g 9,8g 52,6g 1,8g 273kcal
3. Carrots 100g 1,2g 8,1g 0,2g 40kcal
- 15:00:00 150g 21,1g 55,2g 0,6g 319kcal
1. Sea fish 80g 15,5g 1,0g 0,4g 71kcal
2. Rice 70g 5,6g 54,3g 0,2g 247kcal
- 18:00:00 50g 10,0g 35,0g 0,7g 191kcal
1. Scitec Nutrition Mass 20 50g 10,0g 35,0g 0,7g 191kcal
- 19:00:00 280g 32,2g 61,8g 9,2g 471kcal
1. Turkey leg 100g 20,0g 0,0g 7,0g 147kcal
2. Cucumber 100g 1,0g 1,7g 0,1g 12kcal
3. Durum pasta 80g 11,2g 60,1g 2,1g 312kcal
- 22:00:00 180g 29,5g 17,1g 41,0g 572kcal
1. Sunflower seeds 80g 15,0g 13,9g 38,0g 472kcal
2. Cottage Cheese 100g 14,5g 3,2g 3,0g 100kcal
Daily nutrition 1 230g 161,1g 307,9g 76,6g 2 635kcal
By calories
25.07% Protein
47.90% Carbohydrates
27.02% Fat
0.001% Other
Weight distribution
13.1% Protein
25.03% Carbohydrates
6.226% Fat
55.64% Other

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