When is it Better to Take Your Vitamins?

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Here at Builder we can't stress enough that people should cover their daily vitamin needs by consuming solid foods. You know the drill: eat a lot of veggies and fruits and have a healthy, balanced, and varied diet.

However, we also often let you know that the nutrition value of foods has dramatically decreased in the past few decades, meaning that they do NOT contain as many vitamins and minerals as once before, therefore people should supplement their diet with vitamin pills to fill up for this large space.

But do you know when is it best to take the multivitamin pills? Are they better absorbed in the morning? Or should you take them before you go to sleep instead? Does all of this matter anyway?

Let's start with

what kind of vitamins should you take.

In these coronavirus-infected times, there are more and more studies about how important vitamin D supplementation is, therefore we strongly recommend you take it every single day. Our recommendation is 4000IU a day for an average adult at least.

But what about the other must-have micronutrients? How do you even know which vitamin your body does, and doesn't lack?

You can only get the answer by doing some blood work. We perfectly understand if you don't wish to go to a doctor just to find out what vitamins and minerals should you take in these desperate times, and if that's the case, you should just stick to a multivitamin formula. You know, just to make sure: as these products usually contain every important vitamin.

It's also an important question that

how to take the vitamins.

Well, it's really simple. Fat-soluble vitamins must be consumed along with some food that also contains (preferably healthy) fats, otherwise, they won't be absorbed. It's also best to take water-soluble vitamins with a meal, and you should also drink a full glass of water with them.

As that question got out of the way, let's clear one thing: the timing.

In the morning?

If you don't eat anything in the morning because you do Intermittent Fasting or just don't have the time because you rush going to work, then obviously taking your multivitamin in the morning is not advisable.

But you should still reconsider having breakfast and taking some vitamins in the morning because there are some substances that can interfere with sleep. B-vitamins, for example, can stimulate the brain, and increased brain activity is not required when you're trying to sleep, to say the least.


You are better off taking some vitamins (like calcium for example) in smaller doses throughout the day because they are better absorbed like this. But this does not apply to multivitamins – it really doesn't matter if you take them in the morning or mid-day.

At night?

Again, it's better to take some vitamins and minerals before you go to bed, including fiber supplements, and magnesium. But taking a multivitamin pill is not necessarily the best idea, as our digestion slows down while as we sleep, therefore the absorption of these micronutrients won't be optimal.

Some people say taking vitamins before going to sleep is great because you don't piss them out. We don't see the logic behind that because if these nutrients get where urine accumulates, they're already useless to your body.

If you wake up in the middle of the night quite often to use the bathroom, taking vitamins at night is not a good idea as well. Like we mentioned before, you have to drink a glass of water along with the vitamins, and this alone can cause this unpleasant symptom.

Manufacturer's recommendation?

As we mentioned before, "individual" vitamins need more attention and planning than multis. If you take these (like vitamin B complex for example), always pay attention to the recommended usage which was written by the manufacturer and take the vitamin according to that description.

Anyway, here's a general recommendation of when to take "individual" vitamins:

At night:

  • Iron, vitamin C, magnesium

Take the rest mid-day or in the morning with a glass of water and food.

Because every person is different, it's also advised to be a bit experimental. For example try taking a vitamin at night for a week, then take it in the morning, and try to discover the difference.

Last, but not least: taking a multivitamin regularly is much more important than timing. remember: a vitamin that was not optimally digested is still worth more than a vitamin you didn't take.

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