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Body Attack Whey Amino Gold - 325 Tabl.

Whey Amino Gold Tablets, high class amino acids to go

Whey Amino Gold is an amino acid complex formula consisting of 8 essential and 10 non-essential amino acids.


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Whey Amino Gold is an ideal protein shake alternative because the tablets supply the same high quality amino acids required for lean muscle growth that can easily be consumed at any time at work, during trips or on the way to the gym.

In addition, Body Attack Whey Amino Gold tablets have a pleasant taste due its special fruity aroma.

The amino acids originate from milk and cheese production and are broken down with the assistance of enzymes and acids into their smallest components, the peptides.

Due to their complete separation, amino acids can very quickly reach the bloodstream. That is why Body Attack Whey Amino is also described as Gold, because it deals with the best and quickest source of protein, hydrolysed whey protein.

It is released into the bloodstream faster than whey protein isolate, providing large amounts of amino acids for lean muscle growth.

The hydrolysed whey protein in Body Attack Whey Amino Gold also has a high proportion of essential amino acids that the body itself cannot produce.

The 8 essential amino acids in the Body Attack Hydrolysed Whey Protein are used by the body for the following functions:

  • Leucine Isoleucine and Valine (BCAA): promote the development of muscle tissue and support muscular function
  • Lysine: supports the formation of collagen to build bones, joints, skin, etc.
  • Threonine: is required for the formation of immunity agents to help strengthen the immune system. It promotes muscle recovery, energy and protein synthesis during physical exertion (stress)
  • Methionine: is important for cell growth and to build body proteins, nerve cells, involved in the formation of L-Carnitine and Creatine, strengthens the protective system of the body (glutathione) and reduces muscle cell damage
  • Phenylalanine: prevents the breakdown of hormones (e.g., dopamine, thyroxine) increase fat loss and increases concentration
  • Tryptophan: is required for the formation of neuro-transmitters and regulates the excitement impulses of the nervous system. These influence sleep patterns, appetite, mood and pain sensitivity Body Attack Whey Amino Gold also provides non-essential amino acids which have the ratio (1:1) to the essential amino acids.

Therefore, the metabolism of energy and amino acids is increased since the body is using large amounts of essential amino acids for muscle protein synthesis. In this context, a deficiency of essential amino acids is prevented.

These include in particular the amino acids:

  • Arginine: is involved in the formation of nitrogen and ensures better blood amino acid flow to the muscles and promotes the production of hormones.
  • Aspartic acid: supports insulin secretion and promotes the development of muscular energy storage and protein storage
  • Alanine: is required for exhausted energy storage to build energy (glucose) and the reduces the degeneration of BCAA-memory
  • Cysteine: reduces oxidative stress and muscle damage, by which the body consumes less of the essential amino acid-methionine
  • Glutamine and glycine: provides better immune function and buffers the fatigue substances, lactic acid and ammonia, which deprive the metabolism of essential amino acids and muscle
  • Thyrosine: supports the development of the essential amino acids-phenylalanine and tryptophan that are involved in the production of hormones and neuro-transmitters
  • Histidine: is a component of transport proteins (plasma proteins, haemoglobin) and promotes the repair and construction process of body proteins
  • Proline: is involved in the development of bones and connective tissues and improves the absorption of essential amino acid Lysine
  • Serine: is converted into the energy substance Pyruvate in the body and reduces the degeneration of the essential amino acids, increases the enzyme activity in energy metabolism and helps the body build neuro-transmitters in the brain and the nervous system.

Body Attack Whey Amino Gold not only maintains the metabolism of amino acids in a natural balance but it also improves the hormone status. This results in the conversion of the body’s optimal ratio of amino acids to an anabolic metabolism state.

The natural, high quality raw materials that we use in Whey Amino Gold are produced exclusively by certified manufacturers according to DIN ISO 9001 or 9002.


6-10 tablets after intensive training, 2 tablets before every meal on training free days.

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