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Aminostar® Whey Protein ACTIONS® 65

Aminostar® Whey Protein ACTIONS® 65 is the best choice of protein supplements for sportsmen and ordinary people with very high demands. This product contains very high percentage of whey protein. With more than 65% protein contents this is the ultimate whey protein concentrate formula. Aminostar® Whey Protein ACTIONS® 65 contains also more than 10g/100g of L-Glutamine and high spectrum of essential and non-essential amino acids needed to prevent muscles from catabolic condition (muscle breakdown) and ensure stable anabolic condition (muscle grow). Aminostar® Whey Protein ACTIONS® 65 will provide your muscles with quick source of energy and long lasting anabolic effect thanks to special mixture of both, quickly and slowly-digestible proteins. Aminostar® Whey Protein ACTIONS® 65 is intended for athletes with the highest demands on quality and purity whey protein.

Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration description:

Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration are the basic whey protein processing methods. There is not much difference between these two, because both of them work on the same principle - filtrating whey through membranes. These membranes catch all the unwanted components (fat etc.) and let go through them just the good components which is in our case whey protein.

The quality of whey protein after depends on the size of membrane pores used for the filtration. The rule is, the smaller the pore the better quality whey can be produced. The main difference between micro and ultra filtration is the average pore size of the membranes used to filtrate the whey. The size of pores used for microfiltration can be measured in micrometers. It is usually about 1 micrometer, which is 0,0001m. It would be hard to even grab microfiltrated protein in your hand, because it would be flowing in between your fingers almost like water. Ultrafiltration processing uses membrane, which has pores about 4 times smaller than mikrofiltration. Now you don’t have to even think about which processing is better. It is surely ultrafiltration, but there is also one even better method. It is micro and ultrafiltration together. This processing method use micro and ultra-filtration at the same time and brings you the best quality whey protein these processing methods are capable to produce.

Aminostar® is using both, Micro and Ultra Filtration to ensure the best Whey Protein quality and purity!!!

Aminostar® is an exclusive proprietor of trademark ACTIONS® which is a guarantee of 100% pure Micro and Utrafiltration processed protein contents.

Benefits of Aminostar® Whey protein ACTIONS® 65:

  • rapidly enhances muscle size and strength gains
  • contains a very high percentage of absosbable proteins (65%+)
  • contains a special mixture of proteins ensuring long-lasting anabolic effect
  • contains a high amount of L-Glutamine and branched amino acids BCAA
  • contains low amounts of fat, and carbohydrates
  • rapidly enters the bloodstream and reahes the muscle to start the anabolic process
  • speeds-up regeneration

Aminostar® Whey protein ACTIONS® 65 can be also used as:

  • immunity booster
  • weight reduction diet supplement

Aminostar® Whey protein ACTIONS® 65 suitability:

  • suitable either for active or recreational sportsmen
  • suitable for ordinary individuals without sport activity
  • this product is not recommended for pregnant/lactating women and children

Gain pure muscles and increase your power output with Aminostar® Whey protein ACTIONS® 65

Recommended dosage:

The basic daily dose of the Whey Protein ACTIONS® 65 is 1-2x daily 50g (2 scoops), dissolved in 200-300ml of water. Do not mix with milk!!! For the best mixing results use Aminostar® shaker.

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