Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

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This is a recurrent question: “I really do everything, still I can’t lose weight, even though I eat more greens than Hulk.” However, if we take a closer look and there is no actual health issue, we usually find the reason in the diet...

Now I am presenting some common mistakes and misconceptions for beginners.

1 Fruit juice

“Fruit is healthy and I hate water. Fruit juice is the best choice to quench my thirst. Or soda. After all, they are all made up mostly by water.” No way. This is a huge mistake. Fruit juice or soda contain lots of calories. Even fruits should be handled carefully in a diet, let alone fruit juices, which often have not much to do with real fruit. It’s just a quick way to consume vast quantities of sugar, which will all turn into fat: no wonder you are not losing weight. I recommend water or unflavored fruit tea instead. There are other solutions with sweeteners, but I don’t prefer those. It is not a tragedy if you have a diet coke every now and then. But it is not suitable for providing your daily water intake.

2 “Oats mean oat bars; cereals mean some sugar-coated goodies in a box.”

Many tend to confuse oat or cereals with the sugar-coated breakfast cereals they see in commercials. The most important thing you should check on the product label is that it must be free of added sugar. However, most of the cereals you can see in the commercials are loaded with sugar. And sugar is a thing you need the least. Make sure oats are pure oats, and cereals are made up by seeds and grains, without chocolate pieces with 20 grams of sugar per portion.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

3 “One chocolate is no chocolate; one shot is no shot; one kebab is no kebab and one pancake is no pancake...”

Many think that one cheat meal can do no harm. But in real life, one cheat meal is usually a row of cheat meals, say, daily. A candy bar a day; a kebab for lunch... You can find an excuse for every time. However, if it is not in your diet plan, you should NOT eat it. Cheat meals will only flood your body with a lot of calories and unnecessary stuff, which will all be stored in your fat depots. No wonder that you won’t shed a single gram. That’s how it works..

4 Diet stuff; light stuff; with slim sauce and low carb whatever...

These are the foods you should always be careful of. It’s OK that they contain less fat. But how about sugar? And the other thing: will it fit into your diet without exceeding your daily calorie limit?Is it included in your diet at all? (I don’t think so...) It’s quite strange, isn’t it? Low carb, still there are 400 calories per portion... Or, the other weird thing: it’s sugar free, still it has such a rich taste... right, it must be the fat. Or: “How can it be? I just ate it and I’m starving already”... sounds familiar, doesn’t it? However, if you really need to cheat because you can’t take it any more, these products are a better choice. But do it only on rare occasions.

It’s OK that they contain less fat. But how about sugar? And the other way around...

5 “Oh, I don’t wanna use any supplements, ‘coz they are so fake and... ewww...”

Alright, you decide. But you are only making your life harder. First, protein is necessary for sparing your muscle mass and helping your body burn fat while on a low carb diet. And second, it can satisfy your sweet tooth. You blend some cottage cheese with protein powder, and you can wave goodbye to cravings and starvation. Vitamins and minerals are also vital in a diet, because, if you consume less food, you will consequently consume less vitamins and minerals as well. And creatine or NO-boosters will give you a kick when you are feeling low because of the low carb intake. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have not even talked about all those dietary supplements which support weight loss with a range of active substances.Anyway: instant soups, pre-packed cakes, chocolate or chips are not closer to natural either, are they? Supplements contain useful nutrients. Your body will thank you for them with weight loss.

If you are confused about what to eat, all I can recommend is to check the labels and read a lot. Always be aware of what you let enter your body and what you should rather leave.

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